In May 2013, a panel of reviewers from San Jose State University's Counseling and Psychological Services department provided the Personal Growth and Counseling Center (PGCC) with a program review of the Group Program.

Some conclusions and key statements from the PGCC review:

Effectiveness of Groups

  • "PGCC groups are an integral part of services provided by the counseling center and assist students that experience personal and/or psychological problems. Groups "provide specific skills to apply toward daily academic and private lives."
  • The groups evaluated demonstrated "effective clinical interventions for all groups," as evidenced by outcome surveys.

Mission and Long-Term Effects

  • The work of PGCC groups ties to the CSUMB Mission of preparing productive citizens.


  • "The diversity of staff and expertise lends well to the wide range of groups and programs offered."
  • The PGCC "staff are to be commended for the diversity and the number of groups offered."
  • The PGCC "staff are to be highly commended for their robust groups program, especially for the size of the campus, and the program's effectiveness."
  • The reviewers "commend the PGCC staff in their inventiveness […]" as well as "incorporating the students' spiritual well-being in the groups offered by the Campus Chaplaincy." The reviewers further commented that "such holistic groups are rare on university campuses, yet important and much needed."
  • The panel concluded that "it is highly recommended that the [PGCC] staff continue with their breadth and depth of groups offered at CSUMB."

  The PGCC offers a variety of groups that are free and available to students.