Campus Chaplains at CSUMB provide pastoral care for individuals and the campus community, interfaith and interdenominational resources, and support to faith-related clubs, programs and events at CSUMB. CSUMB Chaplains serve all students, faculty and staff regardless of religious tradition or denomination. Fr. Jon Perez and Pastor Clark Brown are the campus chaplains at CSUMB.

We have recently received an update from Fr. Jon Perez about their ongoing activities on and around campus.


We are three weeks into the school year and things are already jumping. Pastor Clark Brown and I tabled at the first Club Showcase of the year. The tabling has two purposes. The first is outreach to the students about the Campus Chaplains and second to introduce them to GraceRoom, a joint partnership between Lutheran Campus Ministry and CSUMB Canterbury Ministry. Monte Rey, the CSUMB Mascot stopped by to give us his support!

Fr. Jon Perez, Monte Rey, and Pastor Clark Brown

We have returned this year with the an old favorite "Chaplain's Out To Lunch". Every Thursday from 11am to 2pm Staff and Students can stop by our table in the Dining Commons at CSUMB. This may be a casual stop in at lunch or a lively discussion on just about any topic.

New this year we have added a twice a month worship on the 2nd and 4th Sunday at 7:30pm.

Last week I had three speaking engagements at MPC, with Rainbow Speakers to a total of 83 students. This has been an on-going event for the last couple of years. At all three talks, when religion and church was brought into the conversation, it was a very respectful conversation. Our after panel discussions are turning now to finding common ground.

Last Friday, we had our first CSUMB Pride Meeting. For the last 6 years, I have been the CSUMB Adisvor to this student club. To our surprise we packed the meeting room with over 100 students. 

Again, last Friday evening, I was a panelist for Pillow Talk. This event is offered by the student housing RA's for Freshmen Students, to discuss safe sex and prevention options. It was a truly fun event. I am not sure how many times I blushed by the questions. I was one of the few panelist that received applause for my answers (Thank you Fr. Rick for wisdom before the event). I was also delighted when a student asked "What is a Campus Chaplain?". A great teaching moment.!

On the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month, when we are not offering evening worship, we have instead a God Talk time at Peet's Cafe in the library. 

Finally, members of Gamma Zeta Alpha, an Hispanic based fraternity worked on a long over due project at Epiphany. There are no public parks in this area of Marina. Epiphany's lawn area provides the only public like park space. A CSUMB member of Epiphany invited his frat to do a bit of community service by adding the last of the sprinkler line, to finish the park setting. ESR has also booked Epiphany to host their family Thanksgiving Dinner. The Dinner is before the fall break, so they can invite and cook for family, friends and alumni. This a great opportunity for the CSUMB ministry to build more bridges with students.

That's it for the first two weeks! Peace, Jon +

Fr. Jon and CSUMB students installing sprinklers

Fr. Jon and CSUMB students pose for a pciture